Award Regulations

Vehbi Koç Foundation has established the “Vehbi Koç Award” in the name of its founder to uphold the values, which Vehbi Koç adopted as principles his entire life, and to encourage outstanding and pioneering individuals and organizations that hail from this country or contribute significantly to its development.

Each year Vehbi Koç Foundation Board of Directors presents the Vehbi Koç Award to an individual or organization that has achieved excellence and carried out remarkable work in the fields of Education, Health or Culture. Each year The Board also determines the following year’s award field. In the event a decision is made to add new fields to the existing ones, the following provisions will also be applicable for the newly added fields.

Board of Directors appoints a “Selection Committee” of 5 consisting of leading scientists and experts in their fields for the award of that year. The Selection Committee determines three nominees and submits the names to the Board of Directors. Selection Committee cannot nominate one of its own members or one of their immediate family members.

The Award History Frequently Asked Questions